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5 Amazing Things to See in Diglipur at Andaman

The amazing Andaman, does not stop amazing its visitors, no matter how many times you visit it or how many aspects of the places you have explored. You can keep visiting it over and over again and yet be surprised by at least 2 more new places to visit and encompass. The Andaman archipelago comprises of too many Islands to be covered in just a single trip. One of these Islands, known as Diglipur or Diglipore, is a part of the North Andaman Islands and must be visited to discover the true beauty of nature nestled in the Andaman.

The town of Digilipur is located in the southern side of the Aerial Bay and is about 43 meters above sea level. The city is about 290 kilometers away from the capital city of Port Blair. This exclusive town has the river Kalpong passing through it, which happens to be the only river in the whole of Andaman along with the highest peak, known as the Saddle Peak, located about 10 kilometers to the south of the town. The entire county of Diglipur covers an area of about 884 square kilometers with a partially dense population of nearly 42,877 people.

Lamia Bay Beach at Diglipur in Andaman

Apart from these generic facts, the Diglipur count has a few unavoidable tourist attractions, which is what make it a great place to visit.

Let’s check out, the things that can be enjoyed here at Diglipur

1. Lamiya Bay Beach, Diglipur

Being a part of the Andaman Archipelago, the first tourist destination, will most definitely be a beach. The Lamiya Bay Beach is a gorgeous beach at Diglipur which is blessed with exotic yet natural beauty. It is a wide and long beach with white sand lined by the beautiful blue sea. The beach is quite rocky and the waves splashing on them present a completely different experience for a sea and beach lover. You can also see many dead corals along the sea beach of the Lamiya Bay.

Active Mud Volcanoes at the Diglipur County of Andaman

2. Active Mud Volcanoes, Diglipur

Diglipur, is the only place in the whole of Andaman which has Active Mud Volcanoes lining the interior or the beaches in the area. These volcanoes are a geo-thermal phenomena created by geo-exuded slur mixed with water and toxic gases. These are not igneous volcanoes as they are incapable of catching fire, partly because of water present in the eruptions. These are more of a continuous eruption of mud and gases and are not more than 1-2 meters in height, rendering them as merely wonders of nature rather than a potential natural threat to mankind.

3. Limestone Caves Alfred Caves, Diglipur

The Alfred Caves, which are basically limestone caves, can easily pass to be the narrowest limestone caves to be found on the face of this Earth. These caves are situated close to the Ramnagar Beach of Diglipur and are about an hour’s trek from the beach, through thick forests keeping you cool in the midst of a hot shiny summer day. You must carry a bottle of water to avoid dehydration as it is a sufficiently ling trek and you must have a local guide with you to make sure that you are on the right way.

4. Pathi Level Beach, Diglipur

Diglipur has numerous beautiful beaches, one of which is the Pathi Level Beach which can be represented as a close copy of the famous Radhanagar Beach of the Havelock Island. This beach is covered with sprawling greenery, lined by coconut, palm and betel nut trees with the blue sea glistening in one corner of the beach. This is a great place to swim and bathe in the sea and have a great time in the lap of nature.

Turtle Nesting at Kalipur Beach at Diglipur Andaman

5. Turtle Nesting and Hatchling at Kalipur Beach

The Kalipur beach is another beach in Diglipur, which is quite a low populated zone and is closely monitored by the Forest Department of the Diglipur County. This is because it is among the key nesting grounds of the endangered sea turtles. The Government of Andaman and Nicobar Islands is very particular about protecting the fast deteriorating marine life and therefore ensures complete safety, security and privacy for sea turtles to lay their eggs and nest here on the Kalipur Beach.

Once the turtles lay their eggs and cover them with sand, the forest officials dig them out and bury them in a safer place where they can monitor them and protect them from natural predators like crocodiles. The sight of hatching turtles is to die for as the eggs crack open one by one exposing the soft and tiny heads of the olive green baby turtles.

To experience the best of Diglipur, you must visit the region during the nesting period of the turtles, which is after the monsoon season, which is the mating season. The time from August to December, is ideal for a trip to the Diglipur County of North Andaman. It is accessible comfortable via launches and ferries, as per your convenience.

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