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5 Special Things to See in the Parrot Island of Andaman

The Andaman and Nicobar Islands is a place shrouded in different kinds of mysteries and mysterious as well as spectacular islands and tourists destinations. There is no shortage of variety when it comes to choosing an island of your choice, offering your kind of adventure or relaxation or historic sites. This group of islands is a complete package for all kinds of tourists from across the world.

Very few people are aware of the wonders that this union territory of India has to offer to its connoisseurs, especially Indian tourists belong to this section of people. They look for better and more adventurous destinations outside India, when they think of a beach holiday or adventure sports associated with water. But a visit to the Andaman and Nicobar Islands can easily negate their preconceived notions of India lacking beautiful and adventurous beach tourist destinations.

Parrots Flocking over the Parrot Island

One such wonderful but uninhabited island, located to the southern end of the Andaman region, which ensures the variety of beach destinations on Indian soil, is the Parrot Island. This island is a part of the Baratang region, situated in the south of the Andaman Island and can be accessed from the Baratang Jetty. There are several things to be enjoyed at the Parrot Island which you must know of before traversing the barren terrains of the virgin Island.

5 Special Things to See at the Parrot Island

Every Island in Andaman has its own list of attractions apart from the pristine beaches and crystal clear waters, so does Parrot Island. Rather in case of this island, you can enjoy quite a few special views even on the way.

1. To begin with the island has to be reached via a dinghy boat as there are no launch services available from the Baratang Jetty and then pass through a creek, which is a beautiful but spooky ride.

2. While you are about to reach the island you can see a completely different range of Mangrove trees as these trees seem to be evenly cut, giving out the impression of a man-made Mangrove garden.

3. For those you are wondering how is that possible? Well the answer comes from the reason behind the origin of the name of this Island. Every evening hundreds of parrots flock to the island and trim and prune the trees with their blood red beaks during their overnight stay. These parrots again depart the next morning, only to return to the island the next evening.

4. Along with the green parrots, tourists can even see a large flock of parakeets, which are usually multi-colored and are one of the most beautiful birds to live on the face of this earth.

Parakeets at the Parrot Island

5. The last, but not the least, the sunset at the Parrot Island is a view to die for, since it not only reveals the horizon where the sea and sky meet marked with a crimson line, but also marks the timing for the arrival of the beautiful parrots and parakeets.

One of the most wonderful things observed by the local people, about the birds of this island, is that, at first only about 5 parrots fly over the island and depart, followed by a similar flock which seems to have come for an inspection which is finally followed by a hundreds of parrots and parakeets come to roost on the Mangrove branches.

Mangroves at the Parrot Island

When you are on this island, it is advisable to either spend the night at the Forest and Government guest houses or leave while there is still enough natural illumination left, or else you may lose your way to the Baratang Jetty while traversing via the vast stretches of the Arabian Sea. But whatever may be the time of your departure, you must make a visit to this island, if you are fond of the wonders of nature and of course birds. 

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