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10 Things You Can Do In Ross Island

Things to do at Ross Island

For those who are not aware of this island’s name, Ross Island is one of the very frequently visited islands of the Andaman and Nicobar group of islands, which is a Union territory of the Indian sub-continent. This island used to be the administrative headquarter of the union territory, until it was proved that fate had planned otherwise, during an earthquake in the year 1941. This earthquake ravaged the island resulting in a lot of damage to life and property and the forceful shifting of the administrative headquarter to Port Blair, which is the current capital of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

The Ross Island is an ultimate tourist destination in the Andaman and Nicobar Group of Islands. This island holds quite a few memorable monuments and historical sites which make it a major tourist attraction. It is rather the hottest tourist spot among all the other islands in the Andaman, due to many exotic and gracious historical ruins beautifying it.

It is lines by thick forests and crystal clear sea water adding to the natural beauty of the island which attracts visitors from different parts of the world. It is a sight to behold forever, when a panoramic view of the island is experienced. To make things easier and more memorable for tourists, below are a few activities which can be enjoyed on your trip to the Ross Island.

Before looking in to the activities available on the island for its visitors, one must be aware that this island has quite a few essential complexes that form the niche of the island tour, namely - The Water Sports Complex, which is still functional, then it houses the state ballroom, the government house, the chief commissioner’s house, a church, the old Andamanese home, a hospital, a British bakery, swimming pool, press, a museum and troop barracks. All of these, except for the Water Sports Complex are either in a dilapidated condition or almost in ruins. These places lay the foundation of the things to do in the island.
1. First up is the ride to Ross Island in a boat provided by the Water Sports Complex is an excellent experience as the boats have a glass floor, through which the underwater creatures and corals can be seen

2. Next is the Ross Island Museum, which has a collection of many old records associated with the opulent past of the island and is now maintained by the Indian navy

3. In the Ross Island, a light and sound show of 45 minutes is organized every evening since December 2014, as it was recently inaugurated to help visitors comprehend and gather more knowledge about the history of the island in an interesting way.

Wildlife at Ross Islands

4. Since the island is uninhabited by humans following orders of the Government after the earthquake ruined everything, the island has a very dense vegetation with many deer and peacocks residing in it and are quite frequently seen. This island is a great place for nature lovers who can spend the whole day enjoying nature and its beauty

5. It is one of the best places for water sports due to the close location of the Water Sports Complex. Visitors can engage in different water sports like scuba diving, jet skiing and of course swimming and they must know swimming to participate in scuba diving.

Water sports at Ross Island

6. Another interesting activity which can be enjoyed is fishing which is rarely done in any of the other islands.

7. To add to this, visitors can engage in snorkeling which refers to watching coral reefs and gardens under water, as the water around the island is crystal clear compared to other popular islands such as the Havelock. Tourists can watch rare sea creatures like star fishes, sea cucumbers and manta rays quite easily here.

8. One of the most interesting aspects of the trip to the Ross Island is the Sea Walking. It is a 25 minutes trip to see the underwater corals and fishes at a very close proximity by putting on an oxygen mask and going down a ladder in to the sea close to the surface so that the cylinders supplying oxygen can stay on the ship. The best part about this trip is that you can feed fish from your own hands and see hundreds of fishes of different colours, shapes and sizes flock around you

9. One of the latest additions to the adventures on this island is the Underwater Sealink Adventure. Although a little expensive, tourists can swim underwater wearing an oxygenated helmet of 35 kilograms, enjoying and swimming through the crystal clear water and sea creatures around them without getting wet at all, for almost 40 minutes

10. Last but not the least, a special ship, only for tourists of the Andaman and Nicobar islands to stay on has been designed in Thailand in the name of Infiniti Live Aboard. Since there are no hotels, inns or resorts on the island, this special live aboard ship acts as a wonderful resort anchored on the shores of the Ross Island, for those who intend to enjoy the island for as long as they like.

Ten things you have to do at Ross Island

The Ross Island trip can keep visitors busy the whole day and may even inspire to spend a couple of more days at the Live aboard ship. It is a destination perfect for family holidays and honeymooners as well as photographers.

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