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Prospects of a Solo Woman Travelling in Andaman

A lot of people, unlike popular belief, love to travel or shop or stay alone. They believe in the notion that some experiences are best when enjoyed alone with all your senses devoted to that particular experience. Traveling is a common activity which certain specific people like to do alone. But it also tags along certain dangers with it, which are often higher when a solo woman decides to travel all by herself.

Although, its nothing to boast about the fact that women in India do not feel safe enough to travel alone across state borders, leave alone country borders. But, much opposed to my liking, it is a fact that India is quite an unsafe territory for solo woman travelers.

Solo woman traveling to Andaman

In spite of that there are certain places which are quite safe for lone woman travelers. Whether you are a female travel magazine writer, blog writer or just a travel enthusiast who loves to have her own share fun and privacy while traveling, then the ideal place for you is the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. It is by far the most ideal destination for solo traveling for women belonging to any part of the world.

While researching about the Islands of Andaman, I came across a query by a fellow lady who also intended to travel to the Andamans all by herself, which provided me with an excellent form of communicating one of the key advantages of the group of islands. Her question was something like this:

“I am 20 years old and planning on traveling to the Andamans for a week from either the 3rd of September or the 11th of September but am not sure if it would be a bit risky for me. I'd intend on staying somewhere like Havelock or Neil by myself and filling the day with all the activities the islands have to offer- are the Andamans the place you can find people to do these things with, a good hub for fellow bag-packers to meet up? I'm anxious about, mainly the safety aspect of the place, but also as I know I'll need company, so any and all advice regarding these two areas will be hugely appreciated!”

From the name of the person who inquired, it sounded like she was a foreigner who intended to engage in a solo adventurous venture of the Andaman Islands. I found this as a great way to begin answering the queries people have about traveling alone in a place like the Andamans.

Solo woman undersea

For starters, the place is just intoxicating and mesmerizing apart from being safe for every individual, once you have laid your feet on the white sandy beaches and crystal blue and turquoise waters, you would never ever want to return home. So hold your breath for the best solo experience of your life with the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. You must know why and how the Islands are safe for women traveling alone, which are listed as follows:

  1. The Islands are among the hottest tourist spots of India and are visited primarily by married couples and families, adding to the safety factors, since most of the population there is not on familiar grounds.
  2. Foreigners are a common sight and since they are not even in their own country, they wouldn’t dare to anything wrong in any way.
  3. The hospitality of the indigenous crowd enhances the safety factors here as the local people do not intend to negatively affect their main source of income which is tourism by harming a single tourist.
  4. The islands have numerous places to stay and visit which are guarded well enough to avoid any mishaps, be it the Cellular Jail, the Jolly Buoy Island, the intoxicating Havelock and Neil Islands or even the Barren Islands.
  5. The place offers sumptuous and excellent food and beverages at very cheap prices with well maintained restaurants and trained staff members, you just need to discover the place you like the best.
  6. There are solo bikes, scooters and motorcycles available for easy renting to ensure easy and smooth traveling, making the place an economical yet happening place to travel in.
  7. There are guides available who are well educated and can accompany lone women, almost like bouncers or bodyguards which can make your trips even more secure apart from getting a little company from the fellow guides.
  8. You can accompany underwater trainers with you for snorkeling or scuba diving who in turn ensure safety under water as well
Seafood for women at Andaman

All in all the Andaman and Nicobar Islands can be considered to be one of the safest and most reliable places for solo traveling for men and women alike. It is only next to Kerala in terms of safe travel destination across India and also across the world as both these places are massively popular foreign tourist spots.

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